Associação Fazer Avançar

What we do...

We believe that the willpower and capabilities of the youth can make a real difference in society.

The Association aims to support, promote and encourage among young people, a philosophy of universal humanitarian values based on loyalty, fairness, dignity, justice and solidarity, working actively to aid multi-disabilities, fight against discrimination, exclusion and poverty, always rejecting any racial, political or religious commitments, without prejudice to the right of opinion, cooperation and assistance.

Our Goals

  • Work with key organizations on projects to integrate newcomers and refugees;
  • Continue enabling the project Portugal Inovação Social which means reinforcing the SPEAK methodology in the central area of the country.
  • Work with Alto Comissariado para as Migrações in solutions for the integration of newcomers and refugees. Utilize the SPEAK methodology whenever possible in the creation of informal support networks (looking for alternatives whenever impossible);
  • Identify within the organization good habits and initiatives of social entrepreneurship and innovation with the goal of gathering, processing and sharing quantitative data and knowledge of the field in a way that would contribute to the social ecosystem on a national and European level;
  • AFA wants to lead by example and it's mandatory to keep working and evolving in areas such as Social investment, technology in the context of social impact, social assistance and social project scalability;
  • Work with leading organizations in their areas of work (philanthropy, social investment, technology, etc.);
  • Work with European organizations in sharing good practices, allowing the mobility of the youth between different projects, exchange of knowledge and opportunities to enable the young in multicultural environments;
  • Organize interchanging of people who will allow each other to develop skills, gin conscience of topics and areas that are socially important, discovering new cultures and reinforcing values such as solidarity;

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Centro Cívico 

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Number: (+351) 926 256 055